Located in the Oak Cliff community of Dallas Texas, the North Cliff Neighborhood Association’s mission is to bring together its residents, fostering community spirit and diversity within a clean, safe and secure neighborhood.

Formed in 1988, North Cliff became a Conservation District on Aug. 28, 1996, with a unanimous vote from the City of Dallas City Council. Street toppers were installed the following year.

North Cliff Neighborhood was once the proud domain of large estates, picturesquehome dairy farms, and modest rural frame homes, many of which still stand. Development was completed in the 1940s with construction of Austin brick homes, reflecting the trend toward modernization in the American life style. North Cliff now includes approximately 500 dwellings in an area bounded by Ravinia, Twelfth, Chalmers, and Aster streets in the 75211 zip code area. Many of the homes have been well maintained throughout the years. Some have recently been updated while others have been completely renovated. There are still a few that await the personal touch of a new owner who is committed to preserving the history and legacy of north Oak Cliff.

Here are some of our accomplishments:

  • 1988: Created and developed a central-city neighborhood association from the ground up — defined land boundaries, wrote bylaws, created board of directors and established neighborhood newsletter.
  • 1988 to present: Work closely with Dallas Police to ensure the neighborhood remains safe and secure.
  • 1988 to present: Guard neighborhood’s integrity by collaborating with City of Dallas Code Compliance office.
  • 1988: Held first neighborhood cleanup.
  • 1990: Sponsored North Cliff Springfest, which included first garage sale, a tour of homes along with Sunset Neighborhood Association, North Cliff’s Realtor Open House and North Cliff’s Crime Prevention Day.
  • 1990: Began first curbside all-volunteer recycling program in the city of Dallas. Won numerous awards for this community service program that encouraged neighbors to recycle.
  • 1992: Won second place for the most trash collected during fifth annual neighborhood cleanup, which netted us $150 and four trees. We competed against other Oak Cliff neighborhoods during the annual Keep America Beautiful Cleanup Day.
  • 1993 to present: Paint abandoned and vacant houses and commercial buildings within our neighborhood boundaries that have been “tagged” with spray paint by neighborhood kids. (Research has shown that when graffiti is consistently removed within 24 hours, the graffiti will cease.)
  • 1996: Attained North Cliff Conservation District status Aug. 28. (Studies show that special districts, such as a conservation district, spur urban revitalization. A conservation district helps maintain and enhance a neighborhood’s appearance by encouraging appropriate exterior improvements in its individual structures.)
  • 1998: Secured $4 million in infrastructure improvements through the City of Dallas Capital Improvement Program bond elections. This effort began in 1991 with the Brooklyn Avenue beautification project.
  • 1999 to present: Raise funds and write grants so new sidewalk ramps in our neighborhood will be colored with dye and brick stamped. So far, we’ve raised about $10,000. Look for enhanced ramps along Brooklyn Avenue, and Ravinia and 12th streets.
  • 2000: Became incorporated as North Cliff Development Corporation in April.