Friendly North Cliff

Trashstroll 1When living in an established neighborhood, there is a sense of community from living in close proximity to one another. In North Cliff there is a sense that we are all working together for some common goals; a safer and healthier neighborhood in which our residents support each other and are connected on a personal level. We consider ourselves not only neighbors, but we also consider each other friends as well. We are protective, look out for one another and actively communicate through and on our North Cliff facebook page. Posts include any unusual, suspicious or criminal activities, to sell items, announce upcoming meetings and events, and discuss opinions, and ideas for our community.

The neighbors can attend quarterly neighborhood meetings in which topics of crime prevention, social events, beautification events and efforts, are discussed. During these meetings, our City Council Member, Scott Griggs, has been a special guest and it is common occurrence for representatives from the Dallas Police Department to attend as guest speakers to discuss recent crimes in the area and give tips on how to reduce or prevent crimes in the neighborhood (side note: the policemen have indicated that the crime rate for North Cliff Conservation District is extremely low and that the occasional crimes noted in their reports indicate non violent crimes).

There are also opportunities available to socialize with each other through events planned by the Social Events Committee Trustee. There have been several successful events planned and these events have been a catalyst to building special memories and experiences among our North Cliff neighbors. These events also give us the chance to check out the new businesses in our area. Some of the events include the following nearby establishments: 10 Bells, the Foundry, Mesa, Cretia’s, Wild Detective’s, as well as others. The events allow for neighbors to reacquaint, share ideas for our neighborhood and get to know each other better to make a safer and more connected neighborhood.